John Hosford

Ensure Connectivity for Job Seekers

Petition Posted at   17 Nov, 2016 12:00 AM   by Community
  • Unemployment
  • Poverty

Getting a job is nearly impossible without connectivity. A cell phone allows job seekers to receive calls and emails, but when funds run low, as during periods of unemployment, people who most need to be connected can lose access.

A working telephone has been essential to getting a new job since the telegraph went out of style, and now that most job portals and government agencies are online, we can add internet connectivity to the list of job seeking essentials. In fact, a University of Colorado study in 2011 found that job hunting online reduced the time spent unemployed by about 25%. Free internet connection is available at most public libraries, but access to those computers is limited by demand and the hours the facility is open. In fact, when unemployment rates spike, so does demand for library computers. And, someone, for example, who is forced to work a part-time survival job while seeking more gainful, full-time employment might not be able to schedule access to a library computer at all. The job market is very competitive, so missing a call or waiting to check email can make the difference between getting an interview and losing the opportunity to someone who is better connected. This problem worsens the longer an individual is unemployed, as their financial situation deteriorates.

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