John Hosford

Employ First Those Without Work the Longest

Petition Posted at   17 Nov, 2016 12:00 AM   by Community
  • Unemployment
  • Poverty

Long-term unemployed people should be moved to the front of the line for hiring to prevent the most drastic effects of losing a job, such as poverty, homelessness and loss of skill base.

An extended duration of joblessness has an impact on quality of life, depletes savings, stretches benefits, endangers the stability of families and increases the risks of poverty and homelessness. These risks affect the entire community, particularly when the economy experiences a downturn, or when a cluster of local jobs disappears for whatever reason. The longer a person in a technical field is out of work, too, the greater the risk is that he or she will fall behind technologically and lose out on job opportunities. Depression and desperation eventually also set in and compound the many difficulties in looking for work.

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