Section 17(b) Disclosure

First Candidate, LLC, (“First Candidate”) provides an intermediary technology platform located at for prospective investors to independently search and invest in securities offerings posted on the website. First Candidate’s fees for each type of offering is disclosed in the respective offering materials. Generally, for Title III Regulation Crowdfunding, First Candidate’s fees consist of a fee based on the total amount of investments in the offering and payable in cash and/or securities in addition to certain expense reimbursements. For Title IV Regulation A+ live offerings, First Candidate Crowdfunding Inc.’s fees consist of per investor administrative charges payable in cash and warrants. First Candidate Crowdfunding does not charge any fees for companies to “test-the-waters” and gauge investment interest through First In the future, we may charge an administrative fee to host companies that want to conduct “test-the-waters” activities pursuant to Regulation A+.

Principals of First Candidate, LLC which owns the website at, may be investors, officers, or advisors of the companies posting “test-the-waters” materials on this website.