What is First Candidate?

We’re First Candidate, a multi-platform employment solution committed to beating unemployment. We’re named after the long-term unemployed; skilled men and women who were failed by a lack of opportunity. Yes, we help job seekers find work and employers find specialists, but we’ve left the basic job portal far behind.

First Work

People that are engaged and passionate about their work drive the success of the organizations they work for. And those organizations, in turn, support communities, other businesses, and individuals. Of course, if you’re stuck in a job that doesn’t meet your needs, then work becomes uninspiring. Nothing more than menial drudgery. You don’t develop your skills, your employer doesn’t develop your role and the business doesn’t grow. Companies that don’t flourish cut jobs or fail altogether and them someone, somewhere, becomes unemployed.

First Work is the answer. Employers take as much responsibility for attracting candidates as job seekers, showcasing their company culture, projects, and the long-term development of their roles.

Candidates undertake a lengthy sign-up process, answering questions that help them identify what they need from their next employer, the skills they are keen to develop, and the challenges they want from a role. First Work matches job seekers with positions that motivate and excite them, making stagnant job portals a thing of the past.

First Crowdfund

Ever heard the saying that 90% of startups fail? Now, we’re not sure where that stat came from (hello, urban myth!), but it makes a good point. More young businesses fail than succeed.

At First Crowdfund, we see every failed startup as a job that never got created. And if the majority of startups are failing, then that’s thousands of potentially lucrative, inspiring roles that simply vanished into the ether. So, what’s the answer? Well, that’s First Crowdfund.

The second string in our bow, First Crowdfund is a work-making machine. It supports young startups during critical phases, giving them access to low-risk financing so they can develop, grow, and create new work.

First Ink

If First Work and First Crowdfund are foot soldiers, then First Ink is our rally cry. It is the engine driving our revolution and the stage from which we will affect real change.

Words have power, and unemployed is one of the most powerful of all. It can steal self-worth, confidence, and respect. It can tear families apart, divide opinion, and ruin lives – if we let it. Unemployed doesn’t mean unemployable, it doesn’t mean failure. And we’re here to make sure society knows that.

First Ink is a movement to unite journalists and writers. These are the people who can take unemployed and rob it of power. The people who will use our uncensored platform to highlight the issues surrounding unemployment, removing the stigma and prejudice associated with being out of work. They will remind the world that unemployed doesn’t mean unemployable.

And to that, they need stories to tell and ambassadors to share them, that’s where First Ink comes in. By partnering writers with people who have experience of unemployment, First Ink shines a spotlight on what it really means to be jobless. It creates a bridge between the unemployed and the rest of the world, battling stigma and inspiring change.

Readers compelled by these true-life stories can take action. Academics and industry leaders who can see a solution have a platform from which to make it a reality, starting petitions so that every visitor who agrees has the power to sign their name, taking an active role in a community that’s committed to changing the world.

Our Vision

We create job opportunities by supporting the growth of young businesses; we give industry leaders a platform from which to affect change, and we put people like you into jobs you love. We are First Candidate, and we are shining a light on a global nightmare.