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America’s Shrinking Middle-Class

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Recent data suggests that the American middle class is decreasing. The number of families falling into the lower income bracket has increased significantly over the last 30 years, while the median income of middle-class families has reduced by 4% since 2000. 

Historically, American economic trends have been influenced by manufacturing, with factories providing a stable, healthy income for generations of workers. As domestic manufacturing declines, so too do the opportunities for well-paid work for the less educated.

We can’t stand cold by while thousands of people lose their jobs and families fall into poverty. Our economy is changing, and if we can’t rely on manufacturing to create jobs, then we need to look at other options. The Tech industry is the obvious solution, its rise corresponding with the demise of more traditional sectors. As of 2014, the US Tech industry employed over six million workers, not quite enough to offset the number of long-term unemployed, but a good start.

The problem with innovative industries like Tech is that they require a very specialized skill set and years of training. Candidates who lack marketable skills are facing limited opportunities and long-term unemployment.

At First Candidate, we are committed to helping every person find engaging, inspiring work. We believe that employees who are passionate about their work drive organizational growth, helping businesses thrive and creating new job opportunities in the process. Which is why the First Work platform will feature an e-learning space. Our management team includes industry experts from a number of technology disciplines. They have curated online courses that will enable students from any background to gain the skills they need to flourish in the technology sector. 

By providing the tools individuals need to thrive, First Candidate will end unemployment. And, once each and every one of us has meaningful, engaging work, the middle-class American family will no longer be a dying breed.

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