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Entrepreneurial Success Spells the End for Menial Jobs

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The story behind the billion-dollar multinational AirBnB is one of determination, innovation, and triumph. With no precedent, no investors, and thousands of dollars of credit card debt, founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia resorted to selling breakfast cereals to bolster their fledgling company. 

In 2007, struggling to make rent in New York, this enterprising pair invested in some airbeds and a rudimentary website and, just like that, Air Bed and Breakfast was born. Nathan Blecharczyk joined the team shortly after that, and the three co-founders set to work. After a disastrous launch that netted them all of two sign-ups, the AirBnB team headed back to the drawing board, revamped the website, and launched again in August 2008. 

Despite a successful launch (they targeted the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and over 600 delegates stayed in AirBnBs), it was another two years before the company saw any traction. But these three entrepreneurs didn’t let that deter them. They took the setbacks in their stride, adjusted their approach, and remained committed to their startup. They showed us what it is to believe in an idea and make it work, even when it is so innovative that no one is willing to take a chance on it.

That bravery paid off. Not only have these incredible guys created meaningful, engaging work for themselves, but they have also made opportunities for thousands of others. As it stands, AirBnB employs around 2500 people directly, but it is the impact it has on the wider, global workforce that is really significant. This simple idea has spawned an entire industry, with homeowners the world over choosing to build their own AirBnB businesses; quitting menial jobs in favor of rewarding, flexible work. 

These are the innovations that are going to make unemployment and poverty a thing of the past. These are the businesses First Crowdfund exists to support. We’re here to help the next innovative, work-making startup flourish – and we need your help to do it. Support our crowdfunders, share their campaigns on social media, or launch your business idea and, together, we will end unemployment.

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