Tangential Dreams Burning Man 2016

By Gavin Knight from Ahmedabad, India

Tangential Dreams (with Format Engineers) is an architectural installation for the Burning Man festival 2016 and a statement for a new kind of Architecture in which the Architect is also the Maker. It is a 30 feet high twisting tower with thin wooden tangent swaying in the wind with inspiring sentences written by people around the world. Tangential Dreams received partial funding from the Burning Man Arts Grant. We use algorithms to maximize inexpensive materials such as timber or bio-plastic. Throughout the process we link our digital models (Rhinoceros3D, Grasshopper3D) with fabrication tools such as LaserCut and 3D Printers to improve the design and make the project possible. The technique behind our designs are open-source, and can be realized and improved in most makerspaces around the world. We believe that everyone is creative and would like to inspire and empower everyone to create. We would like Tangential Dreams to be the beacon of an approach that is often seen as out of reach or too difficult. We want this project to inspire the young generation to reach their dreams. Nothing is impossible. Be part of our dream. We have a fantastic team for the project: Philip Olivier Eira Mooney Maialen Calleja Aaron Porterfield Sebastian Morales Antony Dobrzensky Laura Nica Karina Pitis Hamish Macpherson Jon Goodbun Yannick Yamanga Matthew Springer Josh NG Lola Chaine Dror BenHay - Movie by Tom Chambers.

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Risk And Challenges

Most of our projects take a long time to develop and receive limited design fees. We need your help to expand our approach!

We received partial funding from Burning Man to cover the materials used for the project but no funds for its design development, camp or volunteer expenses and building tools. We will organise a communal space and have talks and workshop on design and making.

We brought our students for four years to Burning Man and have always needed this extra help to realise the projects but this year we would like to go further and use this opportunity to expand the project to a wider audience: Once the project is funded, we would like to use the funds to deliver the project and start mirror projects around the world, helping communities to collaborate on low-cost installations in which parametric design and digital fabrication brings high-tech designs for a very low cost.


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