The Musical Periscope

By Gavin Knight from Ahmedabad, India

What is The Musical Periscope? The Musical Periscope is an interactive installation that puts a new lens on the world around you. Inside a 30' hexagonal pyramid hangs a special periscope that transforms your surroundings into kaleidoscopic patterns and unique soundscapes. Your new view of reality is not only seen inside the periscope, but is also projected onto the walls of the pyramid, seen from both inside and out. A collective augmented reality Stars in the sky twinkle like diamonds and become musical melodies, cyclists leave trails and pluck invisible strings, buildings start to breathe and create pulsating waves of sound... The pyramid structure is not only an interactive looking glass through which to gaze, but is also a calming space to meet, unwind, and share an experience with others. An interactive performance area By pointing the periscope at a point in the ground in front of the pyramid, The Musical Periscope becomes an interactive back-drop for dancers and performers, creating new visuals and sound out of their movement.

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Who are we?

This project is being brought to life by a group of installation artists, musicians, and software developers:

Reactify are a London-based interactive production company focussing on new ways of creating and experiencing music. We've previously worked projects such as Play The Road as a collaboration with Underworld, which creates music out of how you drive a car in realtime, and Anita's Dropship, a generative dubstep machine where you could crank up the build-up and hit a button to get the drop at your will.

The Frogma Art Collective specialise in large-scale art installations that create time for reflection in the midst of busy and chaotic environments. Previous projects of theirs include The Runway, Perspectives, and The Firehelix, which Reactify also worked on. While bonafide veterans of Burning Man art, Trey and Cam from the Frogma Art Collective also brought Perspectives to the London Southbank during the Olympic Games in 2012.

We're also working with a host of collaborators to enrich the sights and sounds that will be experienced inside the space. If you're interested in contributing musical soundscapes or motion graphic elements, do get in touch.

Risk And Challenges

This is a large-scale project with many moving parts (metaphorically speaking), and we are taking every precaution to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

There are quite a few electronic components to The Musical Periscope, so ensuring that everything from the projectors to the computers stay (relatively) clean and operational is a top priority. That said, we have budgeted for spare parts such as bulbs, cooling systems, and computers.

Like any responsible events organisation, Burning Man require us to have extremely thorough engineering and architectural calculations made before even bringing the installation to the desert, and we will be communicating with them throughout the week at Black Rock City to guarantee the highest standard of safety and security throughout.

The installation will be invigilated by at least two team members during hours of operation (night-time) to make sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone is having a great time!


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