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Best 15 words to use in your resume

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Your resume is the first impression you cause, the first impression perceived by a recruiter. You have only one chance and a few minutes to convince him or her –through the paper- that you are the best candidate to hire. So, you should be very meticulous when you write it because one word can make the difference on getting the job or not.

Avoid vague words or clichés, interviewers have read “team player” and “strategic thinker” so many times that they already forgot what it means and they don’t express anything concrete.  

Try to be as descriptive as you can. Don’t talk about intangible things or random situations, be concrete and specify in which situations you have improved the results on your former company, talk about your accomplishments and how you’ve applied your skills. In that way you'll be able to get your resume a closer look from the employer. 

Here are 15 action verbs that you can include in your resume to increase your opportunities of making the difference. 

1. Achieved
2. Improved
3. Trained/mentored
4. Managed
5. Created
6. Resolved
7. Volunteered
8. Influenced
9. Increased/decreased
10. Ideas
11. Negotiated
12. Launched
13. Revenue/profits
14. Under budget
15. Won

You have to remember that there are many factors Your Resume Is Up Against, so you have to make sure that yours can survive at least to the first look that an interviewer gives to every resume they have to read. Make the difference from the outset!

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