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Patriotism is Employment

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Patriot: A person inspired by their country and committed to its success.

Employed: A person inspired by their work and committed to its success.

America is the greatest nation on Earth. We have the richest economy in the world (in case you were wondering, our 2015 GDP was $7 trillion higher than China), the US dollar is the most important reserve currency on the planet, and we dominate the global stock markets. 

We also conduct more scientific research than anyone else, have the highest number of Nobel Prize winners, the most Olympic Gold medals, and seven of the ten biggest companies in the world. Yet, with nearly 5% of the workforce currently unemployed – that’s eight million Americans – we’re facing some very real challenges if we want to hang on to our title of ‘Greatest Nation on Earth.”
And let’s not kid ourselves, jobs are the reason we are the best. They are the reason we boast a GDP (gross domestic product) higher than any other country in the world. They are the reason our currency stays buoyant. Jobs drive innovation, and great people doing great work is the reason why American businesses dominate the international market. 

These huge companies are supported by workers who love what they do, who arrive each morning and carry out their duties with passion and zeal. These companies dominate the world market, and in doing so they create new jobs and new opportunities for their workforce and the businesses that work with them.

On the other end of the scale, we have the boring jobs. The gray, uninspiring, menial positions that workers undertake for a paycheck and nothing else. Theses businesses, supported by a bored, disheartened workforce, do not grow. They do not make their mark on the global market. These are the businesses that struggle, the ones that cut jobs or fail completely. And when they do eventually go under, these are the businesses that add yet more people to our national unemployment rates.

The problem is simple. The more unemployed people we have in America, the less opportunity our country has to achieve greatness. Committed, impassioned workers make America great – we can’t afford to lose a single one.

The solution? We need more inspiring businesses. We need more companies to create fulfilling, meaningful jobs. Sounds challenging, right? After all, if the solution to unemployment were that simple, there wouldn’t be millions of children going to sleep hungry tonight. There wouldn’t be millions of workers clocking in to jobs they hate. But it only takes one. One inspiring startup run by one passionate American will grow. It will hire more motivated people and they will drive its success, creating more jobs and more opportunities. These businesses are what America is all about.

Our country cannot reach its full potential while a portion of our workers remains unemployed. Denying people jobs reduces the passion, skill, and innovation available to American businesses. Denying people jobs is unpatriotic, it halts the growth of entire industries and stops our country from achieving the success it’s capable of. 

We are the Greatest Nation on Earth. Just imagine what we could achieve if every single American had a job.

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