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The American Dream

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Jordi Muñoz is the president of one of the most important commercial drone companies in North America, 3D robotics. Came to the US when he was only 20 with nothing more than his college degree, a unique talent and a dream. 

Always remember a rude, disobedient, immigrant kid can have the potential to become something impressive.  
Jordi Muñoz was a common Mexican boy, with no particular interest in his education, always distracted. He was not special in any way, on the contrary, he was the kid all the teachers wanted to avoid. 

But he had unique interests: he loved to arm and disarm electronic devices. He loved to create new things from other electronics’ devices parts, such as a homemade bomb he created one day. 

He was rejected twice of his dream university, the Instituto Politécntico Nacional, the only university with the aeronautic engineer. Muñoz decided to open a Mexican restaurant and then he got in the Centro de Enseñanza Técnica y Superior, to study computer engineering. 
After he got his degree he decided to head for a place where his strange ability would be appreciated. He arrived to the States when he was 20, with no job, no papers or a university degree but he had to leave everything for his unexpected kid. 

Because he couldn’t work, he spent the days taking care of the baby and writing blogs of computing, robotics and drones; his favorite topics.   
The community of makers started to notice him. He wrote an answer to a question posted by Anderson, director of wired journal and everything began in that moment. Anderson contacted him and they started new projects in the blog. Muñoz had a natural instinct and intuition that helped him to come up with solutions that no one had imagined. 

Muñoz decided to leave Wired to create 3D Robotics, a company that emerged with the same principles that helped him to become who he was; it wasn’t a company, it was a community in which everyone helped in order to achieve a goal. Their improved drone had a big future.

As they share all the information about their inventions and discovering in the community web, 3D Robotics was broadly applicable. The drone was used to distribute beer, to deliver pizzas, even Amazon announced its new delivery service leaded by drones. 

They could be used to reach almost every corner of the world. That is how this Mexican millennial became president of one of the most important commercial drone companies in North America, 3D robotics.  

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