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Is crowdfunding changing the world?

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Have you ever had an excellent idea but abandoned it because you didn’t have the resources to afford it? Well, with crowdfunding it is not so easy to give up anymore. This kind of campaigns are inspiring people to keep up with their projects and continue with their dreams. People are getting together thanks to sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo and they are changing the world. 

Money is no longer a limit for entrepreneur dreamers, there are many projects that came true and were possible only because of investors, and it is inspiring seeing people helping others to make their dreams come true. Today, entrepreneurs can fund their projects with these on- line resources for crowdfunding  

One of them is, this site is one of the most important ones. It was originally designed for creative arts, however, many entrepreneurs can have access to it now. ‘The Kickstarter funding model is an all-or-nothing model.  You set a goal for your raise; if your raise exceeds the goal, you keep all the money, otherwise your supporters don’t pay and you don’t get anything’.  With this model investors can me relaxed and they know that they are doing something good for someone else. 

Another one is, this one is very useful for projects that are just starting. Is ‘uses a unique “tipping point” model for fundraising, allowing you to set a funding goal and a lower “tipping point”’, you can proceed from there without making it too high and you can collect the money.

And finally, this is a very good platform to raise money because it allows you to post absolutely anything. It uses an ‘optional “keep what you raise” model with higher fees or pay less to use an all-or-nothing funding approach’.
These are only few of many sites that exist, each of them has their own model usually donations made through any of the sites to a registered nonprofit will generally be tax deductible for U.S. Those sites are inspiring many people to run their ideas and change the world with them. 
This new method of funding projects benefits not only entrepreneurs but investors because it is more transparent at it increase awareness on social issues and needs. Additionally, it is easier and faster to invest in any project that backers are interested in. 

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