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Tips for successful crowdfunding

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If you are planning to start a crowdfunding campaign, you should know that competing for page views is not easy. You have to be prepared to start the race against thousands of live projects at once, and you should be aware that although kickstarters are useful, you can’t rely on them completely. 

So, we give you some techniques and strategies to optimize your campaign and enhance your chances of meeting your goals. 

1. Prepare a solid and well-designed campaign to show to your audience 
People want to know the product or service in which they are going to invest. They want to see a strong idea and have at least some certainty that’s going to work. If you have a great campaign you need to develop a great discourse to convince your investors. Show confidence. 

2. Pick the networks that best match your marketing and content strategies
If you have more followers in one network or a special one where you know that you’ll find your potential supporters, use it. It is true that you can’t rely a 100% on social media, but it is better to reach a bigger audience, the more people know your campaign, the better. It is better if you create a hashtag of your campaign, try to use it everywhere.
3. Video clips give visitors a better idea of your project
A video clip can give as much information as you want and if you do it creatively and take advantage of every tool available to design it, you can convince many investors. Your audience will see your product in action or you can provide an excellent description of your service; however, you have to be careful, your video should look really professional, you don’t want to give a bad impression that could damage the credibility of your campaign.  

4. Tell your story and share your enthusiasm for your project
If you look excited and convinced of your product, you will transmit that confidence to your audience and you will give them reasons to invest in your campaign. When you talk about your product with sureness your investors trust in you and know that they are not wasting money. 

5. Post regular updates on your crowdfunding page
Your investors might want to know what’s happening with their money. You should keep them informed about everything Good or bad news, advancements, let them meet the people behind your project, try to use humor and get familiarized with your backers. 

6. Create a campaign directed to your existent supporters and to everyone else
It is true that talking to people who already know you is clever, because it makes your project goals and rewards something that they are going to be ready to identify with; however, you need to get more people to know you, so make sure that you keep a balance between both audiences. 
Of course this is not a magic recipe, we can’t guarantee you success of your crowdfunding campaign but there are some measures that you can take and some strategies that you can use to maximize your chances. 

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