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The importance of social media in crowdfunding campaigns

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Social media is a key factor in a crowdfunding campaign because it helps you to find and create the community that are interested in your cause. Social media makes it easier than ever to reach out to people outside of your network, tell them about your campaign and invite them to contribute.

If you are launching a crowdfunding campaign and you want to use social media to promote it, here are 6 SEO tips that you have to take into account:

1. Choose Social Channels for the Campaign
To begin with your campaign, the very first thing you should do is identify the channels that work the most for you and that will generate a great impact on your audience. You have to pick the ones where you have the most followers and detect the ones in which your community is generating relevant content for you. It is also important that you choose one platform you are comfortable with. 

2. Select a Campaign Hashtag
Now that you’ve identified the channels, you have to create a unique hashtag to add some personality to your campaign and make it recognizable. The aim of this is that the audience remember your campaign by only reading your hashtag. 

Use it in all your social media posts and make sure they are unique, short and catchy. 
Additionally, if you suggest to your donors to use the hashtag too, you can keep track of what people are saying about your campaign and draw in new people unfamiliar with it.

3. Leverage Community Through Facebook
Currently, Facebook is one of the most effective networks to get people to know you, so you have to exploit that benefit and take advantage from it. 

If you already have a Facebook page that would be perfect but we suggest you to create a new page exclusively for your crowdfunding campaign not only to give it more importance but to be able to explore Facebook page insights and identify what is working from what it’s not. 

By doing this, will enable your community to give an opinion about your campaign and share content from your page, consequently you will create a new community around your social media campaign. 

4. Find the Right Content Mix
Try to be as informative as you can and try to share friendly information on your posts rather than talking about sales or business. 

Your posts should be about your company, the objectives of your campaigns, your achievements or stories from your supporters; you have to share relevant information to inspire your community and to let them know that your campaign works. However, once in a while you have to remember to publish posts that encourage the user to contribute or share the crowdfunding campaign.  

5. Track Results and Refine Content
Danielle Festa, campaign organizer for GREY2K’s crowdfunding campaigns, recommends these three steps for posting content:

1. Start by creating one week of content that can be used across all of your social channels.
2. Review and monitor the performance of each social media post. On Facebook, look for shares and comments to measure engagement. On Twitter, look for mentions and retweets.
3. Based on which posts perform the best, tweak your content to get the most impact.

6. Pitch Your Campaign to Journalists
Journalists are excellent vehicles to transmit information so it would be so beneficial for your campaign if you get journalists to publicize your crowdfunding campaign. To do so, you have to engage with them. Usually, Twitter is the main media of journalists so find the ones that fits better for your campaign and follow them, then try to talk to each one and tell them about your project.  

Use social media at every stage of your crowdfunding campaign so you can cultivate a community and reach new audiences. Try to create content that is easy to read and easy to share. The more effectively you use social media, the more contributions, pledges and donations you’ll receive.  

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