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Tips for creating a successful elevator pitch

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An elevator pitch is an important part of a business strategy, by following these suggestions you will be able to create the best elevator pitch. Keep it under 120 seconds, don’t advertise your product, remember to research and understand your audience (and yourself) and make it unique, are some of the essential tips discussed. 

What is an elevator pitch?   
The elevator pitch is also known as an elevator statement or speech, it is a testimonial in which an individual presents an organization, discussing how its products or services are unique and valuable. 

Timing is of the essence 
It must be presented in a fast and simple way. Taking between 30 seconds and 120 seconds, the average time of an elevator ride, hence the name. 

Its purpose is to attract people into finding out more about the organization 
The basic goal of this presentation is to make of potential investors, clients, employers or business partners curious about the organization. Pitching is a skill that every businessperson needs. You may wonder what can be said in such a short period of time and how to make it interesting and attractive. The simple answer is – A LOT.

They are buying your business not your product
It is important to understand that your elevator pitch is not an advertising exposure. Even though you might be tempted, you should never focus exclusively in your service or product or how much time and effort your team invested in it. 
Don’t forget that investors are “buying” your business, not your products or services. 
Always remember an elevator pitch is a concise, precise, well-rehearsed and carefully planned presentation about your company, about yourself and about the service or product you are presenting. 

Keep it simple 
It must be easy to understand, use simple words and avoid industry related jargon.  

Get to know your audience
Before you start developing an elevator pitch you must first learn about your audience. You will be successful if the elevator pitch is adjusted to the interests of the audience that you are trying to reach. Always think about the benefits they will get from your organization, its products or services. 
Don’t use a template for your elevator pitch.

Understand yourself and sell it 
When we say that you should learn more about yourself, we are talking about understanding what you represent. You must find out what you offer and how this helps your audience. Analyze your key advantages and strengths, describe yourself and figure out why you are interested in the industry or company you represent. 

Experts agree that elevator pitch is an important element of every business strategy. Keep in mind that you need to master the elevator pitch before you finally present it, so make sure that there is enough time for rehearsals. 
Keep these suggestions in mind and you should be able to create the best elevator pitch. 

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